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Dynamic Cloud Mining

E-Yours investments are suitable not only for experienced cryptocurrency users, but also for those who first encountered this revolutionary phenomenon.

Briefly About E-Yours

More than just a digital form of currency, Bitcoin also has potential to change your life and the world as a whole. Thanks to the impressive increase in Bitcoin’s value over the past several months, it has generated unprecedented interest. Of course, due to its high demand and scarcity, most people agree that it does not make sense to purchase Bitcoin, only to bury it away in an electronic wallet and wait for its value to rise even higher.

E-Yours is a chance to maximize your profit in Bitcoin market. We are a private investment firm with investors located all over the world. Our investors invest with Bitcoin and withdraw their profits in Bitcoin.

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0.16% Hourly Forever

You will earn a constant 0.16% hourly profit as long as you keep your Bitcoins in the project.

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5% Affiliate Commission

We have designed a lucrative affiliate program for any of our members to join and earn extra Bitcoins.

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